A contemporary maritime wardrobe

Bask in the sun is an expression that has a double meaning. On the one hand it means enjoying the sunny weather or being under lucky stars. On the other it clearly states geographical origin of the brand on the Basque coast.

In the beginning there is Tito. The year is 2013. This son and grandson of a family dedicated to Basque linen, expatriated for a while in Paris to work with Japanese designers, reproduces the images of a friend who is an aquatic photographer on tee shirts. He asks Christophe to help him sell his first production. Christophe asks François to design a catalogue. This is the beginning of this informal family that grows with each new encounter and opportunity… It now extends to Portugal. That’s where all our suppliers are. It also brings together artists from all over the world, invited to collaborate for a season or for each collection.

Based in Guéthary on the Basque coast (see the portfolio of Jon Sanchez, photographer and ambassador), we have our feet in the ocean. Our men’s wardrobe is powerfully iodized, inspired by both the heritage of marine clothing and urban fashion. We create quality clothing that is endearing, long-lasting and with minimal impact on the environment. The production is mainly made of organic cotton, mostly manufactured in a Global Organic Textile Standard workshop, coloured with non-toxic dyes and protected by compostable packaging. What more could you ask for!