Design ethic and sustainable clothing

Fashion is, after oil industry, the most polluting industry in the world. But it is not a fatality. With a bit of ethics, we can change things ! We choose to limit our impact globally, being it for the selection of fabrics, the production and our everyday actions.

Fashion is a dirt industry. We know it ! Its manufactures destroy water and soils. Cotton culture consumes 25% of pesticids and 10% of fertilizers used in the whole world. It pollutes the earth and increases the number of cancers among the farmers.

In the spinning manufactures, chemical products and dyeing poison the workers with toxic fumes.

Finally, to meet the demand for low cost clothing, manufactures are open day and night at the other side of the world, with exploited workers who sleep at work, having no financial means to go back to their original county.

The situation is awful. Yes. We know it. And we cannot pretend we are not aware of it anymore. It is too serious.

Since its creation, Bask in the sun considers respect towards workers and environnement as a priority. We try to do better season after season. The journey is long but here are 6 of our commitments:

1. Produce the majority of our pieces with organic cotton

For fleece, jersey and some twills, we always prefer organic cotton. Today it represents 3/4 of our production.

2. Cancel toxic assets

All fabrics we make are dyed in a manufacture with the Oeko-Tex standard 100. This European standard is based on international regulations and guarantees a perfect harmelessness of our fabrics : there is no carcinogenic neither allergizing dyes, no pesticids, no phtalate, no chlorinated composites, no heavy metals, no hydrocarbons, no solvents or volatile constituents in our dyes.

3. Manufacture locally

All the clothing is designed in Guethary in the Bask country and produced 800 km further in the North of Portugal. We count only a few kilometers between spinning, dying, printing, garment manufacturing and carriers. It is a real short cycle, which limitates transportation between each stage of the manufacturing and avoids a desastrous carbon bill.

4. Offer the best possible products

We do not believe in fast fashion: produce at low cost, renew collection over and over and eliminate unsold products. That’s not our thing ! At the opposite, we seek for quality, we believe in clothes you get attached to, in taylor made style, in perfect finishing touches and in well thought details.

5. Be individually commited

What a better example than the one we give ourselves. To back up our words with action, one of the three Bask in the sun parters has volunteered in associations for the protection of oceans and fight against climate changes for more than 10 years.

6. Give the unsold pieces

We all remember the scandale of big brands burning their unsold units. Why destroying clothes that are already produced? We chose to give them to charities.

7. Constantly decrease our environmental impact

We can always do better, so no reason to stop here ! Even small changes make the difference. We permanently seek for new solutions to decrease our environmental impact.

These are our commitments. They show our engagement for an ethic, durable and fair fashion. They prove that you can be an engaged clothing brand and offer a qualitative men wardrobe. We are proud of it!


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